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April 21, 2017
Hume City FC


Oakleigh Cannons FC
Goalscorer : Goran Zoric
Under 20's Result : Hume City vs Oakleigh Cannons : 1 vs 3

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15 Atherton Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166

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About Oakleigh Cannons FC

The Oakleigh Cannons FC was established in 1972. Initially it was the creation of a few young Soccer enthusiasts who funded the establishment of the club themselves.

The Club is located at the Jack Edward’s Reserve, Edward Street Oakleigh. (Melways Reference 69 H9 )

On December 12th 1972, the South Oakleigh Soccer Club ( now called Oakleigh Cannons FC ) was inaugurated into the Victorian Soccer Federation.

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  • Peter Tsolakis
  • Con Tangalakis
  • Mark Tsiorlas
  • RainerReber

Our Team

Our amazing team lives for the "Beautiful Game" - we play, we coach, we watch, we enjoy football.

Our mission is to provide a professional, safe and positive football environment.

We strive to develop players capable of competing at the highest levels of competitive Senior football in the National Premier League. Oakliegh Cannons FC

Goalkeeper and Captain

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(03) 9568 8618 ( After 6pm )
Jack Edwards Reserve, Edward Street, Oakleigh 3166

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